The exhibition Dedicated to one of the artists who were able to modify the art of the twentieth century.

Mostra “Degas” in Milan

“Degas” exhibition

The exhibition is dedicated to one of the artists who were most able to modify the art of the twentieth century.


OPENING DAYS: from October 2021 to February 2022

OPENING HOURS: Monday 2.30pm-7.30pm ; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 9.30-19.30 ; Thursday and Saturday 9.30-22.30


MEETING POINT: Milan, Royal Palace



With over 100 works loaned by the most prestigious international museums, Degas’ exhibition in Milan allows us to understand the greatness of the master through his multiple experiments, both technical, formal and conceptual: guaches, watercolors, drawings, pastels, paintings, sculptures recreate the imaginative and varied world of Degas, who as a self-taught artist fascinated by the classicism of Ingres, came to modify his art following a trip to Naples, Rome, Assisi and Florence to then get to know Manet and finally explode the traditional concept of painting marrying the ways of the Impressionists.
However Degas, with his disruptive soul and at the same time tied to the ancient, moved away from the Impressionists, giving rise to a more realistic art that repudiated painting en plein air, preferring instead themes such as those of his famous dancers and women cultured in activity daily.

A great traveler, Degas became friends with both French and Italian artists, such as Giovanni Boldini, and Americans, continually going to deal with other styles and other cultures that enriched his artistic production until the last years, when his blind and increasingly misanthropic art, which had ranged from classical to impression, from realism to modernity, concentrated only on sculpture, which closed its existence with the death in 1917.

Degas’ exhibition in Milan is an unmissable journey in the mind, in the lands, in the ideas and in the lively cultural context that Degas trapped in his works, renewing art to the point of being one of the greatest interpreters of modernity.

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