The exhibition in Milan for the fifth centenary of Leonardo da Vinci's death.

Exhibition “Leonardo and the room of the axis”

Exhibition “Leonardo and the room of the axis” in Milan

The exhibition has many initiatives aimed at celebrating the fifth centenary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.


OPENING DAYS: from May 16, 2019 to April 19, 2020

HOPENING HOURS: Monday closed; Tuesday-Sunday: 9.00-17.30


PMEETING POINT: Milan, Sforzesco Castle



Thanks to the temporary suspension of the environment and decoration restoration work started in 2006, the Sala delle Asse becomes the centerpiece of the exhibition “Leonardo and the Sala delle Asse between Nature, Art and Science” which continues in the various exhibition spaces of the Museum of Ancient art of the Sforzesco Castle. In the Sala dei Ducali and in the Ducal Chapel a prestigious selection of Leonardo’s original drawings is compared from a thematic and stylistic point of view with works by other Renaissance artists, to reaffirm the centrality of the study of nature in the figurative culture of those years, well evidenced by the production of Albrecht Dürer.

In the Sala delle Armi and in the Sala delle Colombine, an evocative multimedia itinerary gives the public a mapping of Leonardo’s places in Milan and in the area, with an eye on the one hand to the architectural, urban planning and hydraulic problems on which he concentrated his elaborate studies. in the sheets of the Codex Atlanticus, now in rotation, exhibited at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, on the other, the monuments where he left traces of his pictorial talent, from Santa Maria delle Grazie to the no longer existing church of San Francesco Grande.

Further multimedia tools arranged in the Sala delle Asse will also allow the appreciation of Leonardo’s graphic and pictorial project, revealing the exceptional nature of that decoration which, created around 1498 for Ludovico il Moro, was unfortunately wasted under foreign domination until rediscovered in 1893 by starts from Luca Beltrami.

Enriched with precious and suggestive multimedia tools and original drawings by Leonardo, rarely visible to the public, the exhibition “Leonardo and the Axis room between Nature, Art and Science” is a unique opportunity to return to admire one of the highest results Leonardo’s painting, capable of combining his technical experimentalism and his research in the field of botany, optics and geology in the best possible way, like the Last Supper.

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